Home Furnishings Manufacturing Solutions Expo

July 15-16, 2020

Hickory Metro Convention Center
Hickory, North Carolina, USA

Educational Program

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Automation for Home Furnishings Products

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The manufacturing landscape is about to change and change in a big way. Automation, Digitization and Technological are an  investment in the future of the Textile and sewn Products Industries. For the United States and other developed markets, a labor shortage is a massive issue. Finding people to work on production lines is hard and expensive. The manufacturing process is becoming more complex with huge amounts of customization occurring right on the production floor. This has a massive impact on scale, cost, profitability, and the ability to meet demand when looked at through the lens of the traditional manufacturing process. The lot size for production is falling. Smaller jobs are becoming more of the norm, and the notion of “lot size of 1” is something that might frighten manufacturers. It has massive impacts on machine downtime, production changes and, ultimately, profitability.

Frank Henderson, Owner / CEO - Henderson Sewing

  • "I thought it was very beneficial for us to attend the show. Overall for the first year I thought it was a success."
    Charles Piekenbrock
    Vice President Strategic Sourcing, Flexsteel Industries, Inc.
  • “We actually saw some things that excited us very much in the auto cutting exhibits. Saw a 3D Cad program that was very impressive and now we are actually looking at making a purchase in that area.”
    Jackson Furniture Industries
  • “We’ve seen some new people we hadn’t seen before, we’d come back, and it may make sense to bring some folks from the textiles and manufacturing side of our business as well.”
  • “We wanted to come and talk to the people we do business with here as well as see if there are other people we should be doing business with. This is a positive market and one that’s needed since the others like it have gone away.”
    Woodhaven Furniture, Division of Aaron’s
  • “Glad to see this show.”
    Rowe Furniture